scalp micropigmentation

The starting point

Ahmad is a hairdresser in Berlin-Moabit and knows all there is to know about hair. But sadly not even a hairdresser is immune to hair loss. Ahmad’s hair loss, like that of many of our clients, was already very advanced. He’d been bald for a long time. His remaining hair is very dark and thick. This meant that a high pigment density was required.

Ahmad before his scalp micropigmentation – top of head
Ahmad before his scalp micropigmentation – side view

First session

Before the session began we went through all of Ahmad’s questions and talked about how he wanted the end result to look. Right from the start he decided on a strongly defined hairline. Because his remaining hair is so thick, this look works on him. At the first session we lay our pigment foundation and create the hairline. This makes up around 30% of the final density. A very subtle result which is intensified with each additional session.

Second session

When Ahmad came in for his second session he was a little hesitant because the pigments from his first session had turned so much lighter. We reassured him, explaining that this process is completely normal and that different skin types all heal differently. The most important thing is the end result, which we get closer and closer to dot by dot, session by session. After the second session, Ahmad was able to see a clear change. The density was now at around 50 to 60%.

Ahmad after his scalp micropigmentation – portrait
Ahmad after his scalp micropigmentation – face close-up

Third session

At the third session Ahmad already seemed more confident, because he was now familiar with the way scalp micropigmentation is built up layer by layer. He understood the direction we were heading in. During this session it was full speed ahead, and we were able to significantly increase the density of Ahmad’s micropigmentation. The spaces between the existing pigments have to be filled in with more and more dots until they blend in seamlessly with the remaining hair. With Ahmad, we were aiming to achieve this in four sessions.

Fourth session

The final stretch! At this appointment we took the intensity up another notch. On the tonsure in particular, we had to increase the density again so that the unsightly ring of hair would finally disappear from view. We also did more work on the top of the head, the hairline and the temples to add density and achieve a harmonious result. Even though the hairline looks very defined at first glance, on closer inspection in everyday life you can see subtle scattered dots which make for a strong yet also realistic and natural look. Ahmad is happy, and we’re happy for him!

Ahmad after his scalp micropigmentation

I just really recommend it! I’m happy and everyone else can see that! I think I look so much better with micropigmentation!

Ahmad – hairdresser from Berlin

Interview after scalp micropigmentation

After a while, once Ahmad had had time to get used to his scalp micropigmentation, we went to pay him a visit. At his salon, of course! He told us all about how he was getting on with his new look, how much better he felt, how much younger he looked, and what his family, friends and colleagues had said. And we captured it all on camera for you – enjoy!

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