Beard micropigmentation

for the full and even facial hair look you want

A beard is seen as an expression of masculinity. But not every man is blessed with strong beard growth, and not every beard grows evenly. Sometimes gaps can appear in a man’s facial hair due to illness or acne scars, for example. With beard micropigmentation, you can restore your beard to its former full and even appearance – or create the illusion of a beard from scratch if you didn’t have one before. The micropigmentation method has been tried and tested over many years. It is completely safe and achieves reliable results.

Refreshing scalp micropigmentation at the back of the head

Many men have gaps in their beard!

This can often be easily corrected using beard micropigmentation.

Our beard micropigmentation – for even-looking facial hair

A man’s beard starts to grow slowly during puberty. It’s impossible to predict whether it will end up being thick and full or not. It can be many years until a beard finally achieves its ultimate shape and maximum potential growth. Beard thickness can increase over time, but it can also decrease. For many men, hair loss in the beard is very distressing. After all, a healthy-looking, dapper beard is on trend right now, and even serves as a status symbol.

In rare cases, circular bald patches can appear in a man’s beard. This can be quite upsetting. These patches can be caused by acne scars, for example, or in some cases by so-called alopecia barbae. This is when bald patches develop in a man’s beard. Alopecia barbae is a subtype of alopecia areata, which is also known as circular hair loss. The causes of this condition are not yet fully understood. What we do know, however, is that it is an autoimmune condition which leads the body to attack its own hair follicles. Like with circular hair loss on the head, the bald patches in the beard are clearly defined.

Beard micropigmentation is a simple, long-lasting way to change the look of your beard – and gain a whole new lease of life!

Beard micropigmentation result

Beard micropigmentation result

The gaps in the beard were closed.

Do you suffer from weak or uneven beard growth?

We’ll be happy to advise you about beard micropigmentation!

How does beard micropigmentation work?

Beard micropigmentation uses the same method as scalp micropigmentation for alopecia on the top of the head. Over the course of several sessions, pigments are applied into your skin to simulate the appearance of full, even hair growth. Once the treatment is complete, it will look like you have a full, close-shaven beard. It’s also possible to create a thicker look in longer beards. If you wear your beard longer but you have uneven beard growth, thinning patches or bald spots, this can be effectively concealed using beard micropigmentation. Your beard will look full and even again.

A fuller look is created using beard micropigmentation.

Simple and effective

Beard micropigmentation works exactly like scalp micropigmentation.

A safe, tried-and-tested method for full-looking hair

We’ve been offering beard micropigmentation for many years, helping many men get their self-confidence back. The pigments are applied over the course of several sessions. It’s up to you how many sessions you want and how long you want the sessions to last, but an individual session is usually no longer than an hour.

Before the session we’ll discuss in detail what you want your beard to look like. During the consultation we’ll take into account your personal style and your natural beard line, or the beard line you are hoping to create if you haven’t really had a beard before. Our goal is always to achieve natural-looking results. At the first session we start with a lighter colour. Within the first week or two the colour will turn a bit lighter – this is normal, and is due to the regeneration of your skin’s cuticle layer. At the second session we work with darker pigments to gradually create exactly the look you want.

Is beard micropigmentation permanent?

After around three to five years, most of our clients choose to refresh their beard micropigmentation. This can be done in one session, which makes it cheaper than the initial treatment. At a refresher session we give your beard and beard line a touch-up to make them look as good as new. Has your hair got greyer over the last few years? We take this into account at the refresher appointment, so as to fully preserve the harmony of your beard.

Beard micropigmentation result

Beard micropigmentation result

A natural beard line was created.

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