Hair fibres a short-term solution to make hair look thicker

Hair fibres are quick way of concealing patches of thinning hair on your head. Here, we give you an overview of what hair fibres could do for you.

What do hair fibres do?

Hair fibres, also called hair powder, are a cosmetic product that originated in the USA. This hair thickening method is becoming increasingly popular in Germany. It allows you to conceal light hair loss on the top of your head or in your beard. Hair fibres are less suitable for concealing a receding hairline.

Before-and-after comparison of hair thickened with hair fibres

Before-and-after comparison of hair thickened with hair fibres

Hair fibres can create the temporary appearance of full hair.

What are hair fibres made of?

Hair fibres are tiny powdery fibres which usually have a roughened surface to help them stick to your real hair and your skin. The fibres are made up of the following materials:


Cotton: Purely plant-based hair fibres are made from cotton fibres.


Keratin: This is an animal product found in hair, nails, claws and hoofs, among other things. These body parts are ground up and processed into hair fibres.

The application of hair fibres: how are hair fibres applied?

You can usually buy hair fibres in a can. The can will have a built-in sieve so you can dispense exactly the amount of product you need. Some manufacturers also sell hair fibres in the form of a spray, often referred to as root spray. This is mainly for concealing the roots of dyed hair. But it can also be used to hide hair loss. Before using hair fibres you should wash your hair and dry it thoroughly. Then apply the hair fibres to your head. Shake or spray the fibres onto all the patches of thinning hair on your head, and they will create the impression of full hair.

A man uses hair fibres on thinning hair

A man uses hair fibres on thinning hair

Hair fibres are quick and easy to use.

Static forces will keep the fibres stuck to your hair and your skin. To protect the hair fibres during exercise or when it’s windy, you’ll usually need to use a hold hairspray as well. This will help keep the fibres in place, but reliable protection is not guaranteed. During exercise in particular, the fibres can start to run, which looks unsightly.

Who are hair fibres suitable for?

There are hair fibres for blonde, brown and black hair and many other shades, so you should be able to find a product that matches your hair colour. Hair fibres are suitable for both men and women.

You’re the only one who can decide whether or not this method is for you: many people who use it are happy with the result, while others say the thickening effect created by hair fibres looks too artificial. In any case, hair fibres are not suitable for concealing completely bald patches on the head where there is no real hair left at all. The fibres will not stick properly to your scalp alone, which unfortunately means that hair powders can’t help with circular hair loss or a bald head.

Hair fibres are completely safe. But keratin-based hair powders are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. People with allergies or very sensitive skin should also be careful with hair fibres made from keratin. It can sometimes trigger allergic reactions, and may also contain aggressive colouring agents that can irritate the skin. The gentle alternative is hair fibres made from cotton. If you have very dry skin, however, hair fibres can make the dryness worse.

How long do hair fibres last?

Hair fibres are water-soluble. This means they will be rinsed out the next time you wash your hair, or in heavy rain. To enjoy the look of full hair, you have to keep reapplying the hair fibres. So they may be a quick and easy solution, but they’re not a long-lasting one. They also cost a lot in the long run, because you have to keep buying hair powder refill packs at 15 to 30 euros a time.

Scalp micropigmentation – the smart alternative to hair fibres

Have you already tried hair fibres? Do you like the effect they create, but find it annoying to have to keep applying them? Then scalp micropigmentation is the perfect alternative for you! It’s a highly effective and long-lasting basic solution for concealing thinning patches on your head – even during exercise and in wet or windy weather. Scalp micropigmentation can make hair look thicker or simulate a close-shaven hairstyle. Thanks to the scalp micropigmentation method, you can enjoy the long-lasting look of full hair and get your wellbeing and confidence back. You can even combine scalp micropigmentation with hair fibres if you want to create a particularly thick and dark look for a birthday party, for example, or some other special occasion.

We’ll be happy to tell you all about our innovative treatment. Just send us some photos of the areas you want treated, and we’ll provide you with detailed individual advice. The team at Modern Hair Loss Solution® look forward to hearing from you!

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