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Individual prices depending on effort

The way to your scalp micropigmentation

As Germany's oldest exclusive scalp micropigmentation provider, we offer you a very personal treatment and a unique final solution for your hair loss. After a free, no-obligation consultation, you will receive a cost estimate that is tailored exactly to your needs. As your treatment progresses, it will be individually planned and precisely adapted to your hair loss status. The scalp micropigmentation will be seamlessly and naturally blended with your remaining hair, taking into account all the rules of make-up artistry.

At around 70%, the majority of our clients do not come from Berlin and therefore travel to us. Our free initial consultation therefore takes place conveniently by phone or via Messenger. Based on a few photos of your head, we can already perfectly assess your case and determine your individual costs. Thanks to our many years of experience, a personal consultation in our studio before the start of treatment is not absolutely necessary.

The quality difference

Our understanding of quality is based on safety, trust, service and reliability. The final result on your head is and remains the measure of all things for us. Of course, this quality has its price. However, a higher price does not automatically mean that something is more expensive. We see ourselves as a value-for-money provider and take "value-for-money" literally! That's why you get exactly what you want from us - scalp micropigmentation in perfection, at a fair price. A cheaper scalp micropigmentation that is not convincing in terms of quality and has to be removed with a laser will always be more expensive in the end than a higher-priced scalp micropigmentation that will be perfect right away.

It is quality that makes our service truly valuable. An essential foundation of our work is our craftsmanship. Moreover, we at Modern Hair Loss Solution® are the only ones in the entire D-A-CH area who have such a long experience in scalp micropigmentation (since 2013). Part of our self-image is to truthfully depict customer results with a high degree of transparency in live sessions, authentic interviews and real before-and-after galleries. This includes focusing not on the misleading and reddened photos immediately after treatment, but on the real and completely healed results.

Extraneous corrections and problematic skin

We are also happy to advise you comprehensively on foreign corrections. Over the course of many years, we have been able to help numerous clients who previously did not receive the desired quality of scalp micropigmentation from another provider. On the basis of your photos, we can assess whether a laser correction might be necessary beforehand - or whether we can correct the previous incorrect scalp micropigmentation directly with our work.

We also have a lot of experience with problematic skin. Just talk to us if you have any doubts about your skin's ability to tolerate scalp micropigmentation, for example if you have dry or red skin! We can give you quality care tips to best prepare your skin for scalp micropigmentation. If in doubt, we can also offer you a trial scalp micropigmentation to see how your skin will tolerate the treatment.

24-month satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your scalp micropigmentation. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee on all treatments.This is valid 24 months after the end of your scalp micropigmentation and gives you the opportunity to make any corrections to your scalp micropigmentation.

Consultation and appointments

For your consultation and the subsequent scheduling of your first treatment appointment, you should plan about one month in advance. We want to make sure that all questions are clarified in a qualitative and transparent manner during your consultation before we start your treatment. However, spontaneous appointments are possible, depending on the number of bookings.

From experience we can say that many clients underestimate their hair loss. The area to be treated is often larger than initially thought. Many do not realise how far their hair loss has progressed. Therefore, it is important to take some photos of the entire head in order to examine them together afterwards. To avoid unpleasant surprises due to misjudgements, we recommend that you let us advise you free of charge and without obligation. So können wir deinen individuellen Fall präzise einschätzen.

We look forward to meeting you!

Individual prices and price examples

Scalp micropigmentation on the top of the head:

  • Scalp micropigmentation hairline: € 1,300 (as thickening after hair transplantation)
  • Scalp micropigmentation small: € 2,000
  • Scalp micropigmentation medium: € 2,500
  • Scalp micropigmentation large: € 3,000
  • Scalp micropigmentation maximum: € 3,500 (concerns 99% of our customers)

Scar micropigmentation (donor area after hair transplants):

FUE scar micropigmentation:

  • FUE scar micropigmentation small: € 1,200
  • FUE scar micropigmentation medium: € 1,400
  • FUE scar micropigmentation maximum: € 1,600 (concerns 99% of our clients)

FUT scar micropigmentation:

  • FUT scar micropigmentation small up to 10 cm in length: € 800
  • FUT scar micropigmentation medium up to 20 cm length: € 1,000
  • FUT scar micropigmentation large from 20 cm length: € 1,200 (concerns 99% of our customers)

Surgical scars and accident scars are calculated individually.

Alopecia Totalis - Scalp micropigmentation: € 4,200

Members of the AAD e.V. (Alopecia Areata Association Germany) receive a discount of € 300.

For smaller expenses (Alopecia Areata), the price is calculated individually.

Beard micropigmentation, both sides: from € 1,000 (depending on effort)

Refreshing the scalp micropigmentation:

Total price for 99% of our customers: € 300 - € 400

Working hour: € 200 with an average duration of 1.5 - 2 hours

The refreshing of a foreign scalp micropigmentation must be checked in advance and often requires two sessions.

Price examples scalp micropigmentation:

The total price for 99% of our clients without prior hair transplantation is usually € 3,000 - € 3,500.

The total price for 99% of our clients with prior hair transplantation and desired scar micropigmentation usually amounts to € 3,800 - € 4,300.


When combining scar micropigmentation with scalp micropigmentation of the top of the head, we discount the scar micropigmentation by 50%.
Example: FUE scar micropigmentation at a maximum of the normal price of € 1,600 thus costs only € 800 when combined with scalp micropigmentation on the top of the head.

  • Travel discount for all non-Berliners: € 300 (for about 70% of our clients)
  • Student, pupil, trainee discount: € 200 (with proof)
  • Members of the Alopecia Areata Association Germany: € 300 (with proof)
Micropigmentation practitioner George Sawadowskij Scalp micropigmentation treatment

George Sawadowskij

The longest serving scalp micropigmentation practitioner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Exclusive to Modern Hair Loss Solution. Take a look at his work in our before-and-after gallery and live videos, and see for yourself!

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