Scalp micropigmentation with model discount the most cost-effective route to full hair!

With scalp micropigmentation, we can easily conceal your bald head or individual bald spots. Do you want to save money on your treatment costs? Then our model discount could be just what you’re looking for!

Ahmad smiles after his scalp micropigmentation

Ahmad smiles after his scalp micropigmentation

With our model discount you can help others whilst also saving money yourself!

What is a model discount?

You’ve probably seen one of our live scalp micropigmentation sessions online. On our YouTube channel and on Facebook, we regularly feature live sessions in which we show off our work. We’re the only studio to do so in this format! Using selected clients as models, we demonstrate how scalp micropigmentation works and the results it can achieve. This helps people who are interested in the procedure to make up their minds about whether to have it done, enabling us to help even more people with alopecia to regain the appearance of full and even hair growth.

Would you be happy to have your treatment recorded? Then you could benefit from our model discount. Here’s the deal: we film your treatment and post it online, and you get a discount on your scalp micropigmentation.

How big is the model discount?

There are two different discount levels depending on how much involvement you want to have:


The small discount: We film you during your treatment. Your face is shown and we give your first name. The videos are streamed live on YouTube and Facebook and can also be accessed there later on.


The big discount: We film the same videos as for the small discount. You also return to the studio four to twelve weeks after your treatment, once your scalp micropigmentation is fully healed. We carry out a short interview in which you tell us how you found the treatment and how you’re getting on with your new look.

How can you become a model for us?

Do you have a bald head or thinning hair, and are you planning to have scalp micropigmentation with us? Have you seen our live sessions, and would you like to be filmed for one and save yourself a bit of money in the process? Then be sure to mention in your consultation that you’d like to take advantage of our model discount. We ask you to let us know in advance because the video sessions require quite a lot of preparation, and we can’t do them on the spur of the moment. During the consultation we will of course answer all of your questions about scalp micropigmentation, but we’ll also explain how the filming of the treatment works. To protect both parties, we will sign a model release contract. In the contract we will confirm your model discount and you will sign over the usage rights for the footage to us.

What can you expect at your session?

The session will proceed just like any other scalp micropigmentation session. You’ll be taken into the treatment room to make yourself comfortable on our massage couch, and we’ll prepare your head before we begin the scalp micropigmentation procedure. Meanwhile, the camera will be rolling and will record large parts of your session. We recommend taking a look at some of our live sessions beforehand so you know what to expect. We want to achieve a perfect result not only for your head but also for our video, so there may be occasional delays. You should therefore allow an hour or two more than for a normal session.

Your micropigmentation practitioner is used to being filmed and will create a relaxed atmosphere to make sure you feel at ease throughout the procedure, despite the camera. If you’ve opted for the big discount, then once your treatment is finished we’ll make an appointment for you to come back in for an interview when your scalp micropigmentation is fully healed.

Could your head be the next star of one of our videos?

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