Find out what our clients have to say about scalp micropigmentation

Marco’s testimonial
4 sessions
Marco’s scalp micropigmentation
Bilan’s testimonial
4 sessions
Bilan’s scalp micropigmentation
Robin’s testimonial
4 sessions
Robin’s scalp micropigmentation

Find out what our clients have to say about scalp micropigmentation

In this section, we present a combination of our cult livestreams and traditional interviews. We talk you through the entire scalp micropigmentation process in a structured way, and at the end we show you the final interview. This is recorded about 6 to 12 weeks after the micropigmentation is completed, so that you can see the fully healed, long-term result. In the interview, our client will tell you about his own procedure and his own authentic experiences of life with scalp micropigmentation. These are our most detailed testimonials. It’s very important to us to give you as broad an insight as possible into our company and the process of scalp micropigmentation, because every person is different, and our work is just as individual.

Take a look at our before-and-after gallery and our videos of whole sessions for more insights and examples of our scalp micropigmentation!

Micropigmentation practitioner George Sawadowskij Scalp micropigmentation treatment

George Sawadowskij

The longest serving scalp micropigmentation practitioner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Exclusive to Modern Hair Loss Solution. Take a look at his work in our before-and-after gallery and live videos, and see for yourself!

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