Scar micropigmentation

Get your scars professionally concealed

The ideal scar correction method following a hair transplant

Do you have unsightly scars following a hair transplant, and are they causing thin patches on your head? Then we could help you with scar micropigmentation at our studio! We can conceal any unsightly areas for you with our modern, gentle procedure.

Professional micropigmentation for your scars

In many cases surgical scars are clearly visible, especially when hair is cut short. They often affect people’s self-esteem. With scar micropigmentation, we can conceal the affected areas and help you get your confidence back. We use a needle to apply dots of the organic pigment carbon black to the scarred areas on your scalp. The pigments make your hair look fuller.

If you have a scar caused by an FUT hair transplant, for example, we can conceal 60 to 90 percent of it using micropigmentation. For FUE scars, depending on your hairstyle and the condition of your hair, it’s even possible to hide the donor sites completely. Scar micropigmentation looks totally natural and is a safe method that works every time.

Long strip scar on the back of the head after an FUT hair transplant.

Long strip scar on the back of the head after an FUT hair transplant

An FUT hair transplant always leaves an unsightly scar.

Scar micropigmentation: which scars can be concealed?

Scar micropigmentation can help you after any type of hair transplant. It can conceal all the typical scars left by a transplant. We can also cover up scars caused by other surgical procedures or accidents. Just send us some photos of the affected areas, and we’ll be in touch soon to arrange your free, personalised initial consultation.

Please be aware that a scar needs to be fully healed prior to micropigmentation. You should give a fresh wound six to twelve months to heal. Then we can start your micropigmentation!

How safe is scar micropigmentation?

Scar micropigmentation causes little to no pain, and is totally safe. The pigment we use, carbon black, is also used in the German food industry as a food colouring. It is completely harmless and cannot cause any kind of allergic reaction in your body. Scar micropigmentation causes minimal irritation to your scalp: the needle only penetrates 0.6 to 1 mm into your skin, so it never reaches sensitive areas like the hair roots surrounding the scar tissue. These are usually found 3 to 4 mm deep.

Scar micropigmentation is a safe, long-lasting solution – and the only treatment capable of properly concealing scars. You’ll love your new fuller-haired look. Your micropigmentation will only need refreshing once every three to five years, and we offer reasonably priced refresher appointments.

Sparse donor area after hair transplant.

Sparse donor area after hair transplant

Clearly visible traces of an FUE hair transplant

Scar micropigmentation: working out the costs

The cost of your scar micropigmentation depends on a number of factors including the number, size and type of scars you have. But in principle scar micropigmentation is always cheaper than scalp micropigmentation for a completely bald head, for example. In order to give you an exact quote, we will need a picture of the areas requiring treatment. Just send us a few photos of your scars and we’ll put together a clear, non-binding quote for you.

This is how our treatment works

We want to make your scar micropigmentation experience at our studio as pleasant as possible. During your three or four sessions, you can make yourself comfortable on our extra-large massage couch while we conceal your scars dot by dot. You can close your eyes or chat to us – some clients even fall asleep. Depending on the extent of your treatment, a session will last between one and four hours.

With scar micropigmentation, your scalp won’t bleed. It will just be slightly red around the areas that have been treated. After every session you’ll be absolutely fine to go out and about, meet up with friends or go to work. Start looking forward to the moment when you can look in the mirror and see the results of your treatment.

Book your initial consultation at Modern Hair Loss Solution® today!

You’ll be blown away by the results of your scar micropigmentation! With scar micropigmentation, we help you conceal unsightly scars and create the illusion of full, natural hair density. Send us your photos now – we look forward to hearing from you!

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