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Face-to-face consultation

You can come and see us in person for a free hair consultation. That way you get to see our studio and meet our team face-to-face.


  • 1. Make a consultation appointment
  • 2. Get advice
  • 3. Patch test if necessary
  • 4. Get a quote
  • 5. Make treatment appointment
  • 6. Have treatment
  • 7. Enjoy scalp micropigmentation with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee

WhatsApp consultation

For a WhatsApp consultation we will need clear photos of your head. A video call consultation is also an option.

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  • 1. Send photos, or video call
  • 2. Get advice
  • 3. Patch test if necessary
  • 4. Get a quote
  • 5. Make treatment appointment
  • 6. Have treatment
  • 7. Enjoy scalp micropigmentation with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee

Telephone consultation

For a telephone consultation we will need clear photos of your head.


  • 1. Send photos
  • 2. Wait for callback
  • 3. Get advice
  • 4. Patch test if necessary
  • 5. Get a quote
  • 6. Make treatment appointment
  • 7. Have treatment
  • 8. Enjoy scalp micropigmentation with a 12-month satisfaction guarantee

Do you suffer from hair loss? Do you feel it’s holding you back in your day-to-day life and affecting your confidence? But are you afraid to talk about your hair loss problems? We can help! Book one of our professional hair consultations and find out what you can do about thinning hair on your head.

How a hair consultation can help

Many people who suffer from hair loss try to deal with the problem themselves. There’s all sorts of information about this topic online. But it’s important to remember that hair loss can have a number of different causes. It can be caused by stress, for example, but also by an illness or genetic predisposition.

So it’s always worth consulting an experienced expert instead of trying to find solutions on your own. A professional hair consultation will not only save you a lot of time, but will also mitigate the risk of trying to treat yourself and getting it wrong. It will also save you from the disappointment that comes with using the wrong products or having unrealistic expectations.

Find out more about your hair loss treatment options

A good hair consultation will always focus on your own individual circumstances. You’ll find out which treatment methods are an option for you. And you’ll also get an explanation of the opportunities and risks associated with different methods. Hair restorers like finasteride and dutasteride may be able to combat your hair loss, but they can also cause unwanted side effects like erection problems and depression. A hair transplant can transplant new hair into bald areas. But it cannot restore your full natural hair density. The treatment also leaves scars. As you can see, there are many pros and cons to weigh up for each method before you decide which route you want to go down. A hair consultation will give you the insight you need to do this.

Where you can get a hair consultation

  • There are several places you can go for a hair consultation. You may be able to get one with your dermatologist, for example. A medical specialist will be able to give you advice about illness-related hair loss in particular. He or she can identify the causes and provide you with medical support.
  • Hair transplant specialists in clinics also offer consultations. At a hair clinic you can find out more about surgical procedures like FUE and FUT hair transplants, which these clinics can also carry out for you.
  • Last but not least, you can get professional help at a scalp micropigmentation studio like Modern Hair Loss Solution®.
Scalp micropigmentation in action, on a client with alopecia androgenetica

George Sawadowskij

Scalp micropigmentation practitioner

Your free hair consultation with Modern Hair Loss Solution®

We are scalp micropigmentation experts with many years’ experience. Scalp micropigmentation is a safe and long-lasting method for concealing hair loss, with no side effects. At our hair consultations, we’ll discuss your personal situation and assess whether scalp micropigmentation could help you. We take the time to give you a detailed overview without any false marketing promises. If we realise scalp micropigmentation is not the right option for you, we’ll give you advice on what you can do about your hair problems and where else you can turn for help.

Book your free hair consultation today. Simply fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you!

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